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Most of our clients come through personal recommendations. We save our ideas and energies for our clients.

All about us

Get the best quality printed glass panels and best service.

We are high motivated team. Open for new chalanges. Our priority is to satisfy our client with our perfect work and best quality products. Our offer includes an extremely wide range of high-quality glass products. We use standard glass thermally toughened, which meets the requirements of standard PN-EN 12150-1. Our products are always tempered and have sanded edges.

Our manufacturer uses an advanced plotter which enables it to produce glass printed with UV curable ink paint. This makes it possible to produce highly attractive glass for a wide range of applications. The printer enables them to achieve the highest possible, photographic image quality and to produce any patterns or graphics and whole-surface prints, also on irregularly shaped pieces.


When it comes to glass printing and painting, the only thing that restricts us is our imagination. We use the comprehensive, publicly available catalogs of files and graphics (Adobe Stock), private archives, works by external artists, but mostly we work with materials provided by our Clients. The countless combinations of patterns, colors, glass, foil, and various kinds of ceramic enamel paint (opaque and transparent) are a great opportunity for designers, architects, and amateur interior decorators to show off their skills

Printing on glass in combination with appropriate lighting lends a unique effect.The print is applied using UV technology on the back surface of the glass. It is resistant to sunlight, does not tarnish and does not fade. Before printing on glass we can cut the necessary holes for switches, sockets and handles. We print on a glass ready for installation of any shape and thickness. OPTIWHITE glass - Super-clear glass having a reduced content of iron, non greenish tint characteristic of other glass. Glass works well wherever it is needed or neutral colouration when seen to be the edges of the glass. Glass has exceptional light transmission - glass is ideal for decorating and direct printing and to preserve transparency and purity of colour. 

You choose the design, we price it and install it for you.

We give you 100% guarantee on our products.

Why Choose Us

Here are some reasons why you have made the best decision by choosing us .


Honest and Dependable

We ensure that all works are done with professionalism using materials of the highest quality.


We Are Always Improving

When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.


We Are Passionate

We don’t want to do everything – we want to do work that we are passionate about and experienced in.

We provide comprehensive services


We offer free quotation and professional measuring.


You choose the graphic or colour from RAL colour chart and we will print it for you.

Creative Island


We will cut the necessary holes for switches, sockets and handles.

Transportation and installation

Delivery and fitting are included in the total price.


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